(Made for LowRezJam 2022)

Waking up early from your cryo-sleep, you sense something is wrong with the space station you're on. Unfortunately, you don't realize just quite how right you are.

Controls (Game can be played with just the mouse, if desired):

  • Left Click - Shoot
  • Right Click - Move / Interact
  • A/D - Move
  • E - Interact
  • I - Inventory
  • 1-8 - Quick Select Item


  • Programming by Baconinvader
  • Art by Ghast
  • Music by Ceiling Green


Install instructions

Note: the embedded web player may take up to 10 seconds to load.

Just look for and run "Necrostation.exe"

Run the "main.py" file using python.

  • Python 3.10 or higher (lower versions may work but no guarentees)
  • Pygame 2.1.2 or higher (lower versions will not work)


Necrostation.zip 37 MB


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Man, I think that you are probably my favourite pygame dev, well done!!

Anyway, do you have any advice on how to start with pybag?

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Nice Game. How did u embed pygame into web browsers. I always wanted to do that. :)

I used pygbag. I'd recommend it, though it is quite new so you might run into some bugs.


I always wanted to make a game with pygame that could be played in the browsers and thanks to your game I found out about pygbag. Also great game :D


Yes pygbag is rather new but it's a big step forward for pygame development. Also thanks!


Nice! Are you running pygame on the browser?

Yes! Using pygbag (somewhat new tool)


The game could probably be massively improved by automatically picking up all items you walk past :P

The controls are a little bit unintuitive, too... but otherwise, I really like it. Haven't actually gotten to the escape pod though, dang items take super long to pick up!!

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This was quite fun. Hope to see more works from you!


I really enjoyed it! Spooky and cool. Took me a while to figure out the map. Before that it was pretty confusing where I was, but in retrospect I think that added to the sense of fear.